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One of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening, which offers a quick, non-invasive, and reasonably priced approach to improve a smile. Every budget, time limit, and temperament can be satisfied by whitening (or bleaching) procedures, which are universally valued by both men and women. There are plenty of options, whether they come in the shape of professionally performed one-hour whitening sessions at a dental clinic, or home-use bleaching kits bought at your neighborhood drugstore.

Almost everyone who chooses a teeth whitening method notices a moderate to significant increase in the brilliance and clarity of their smile. Nevertheless, it is a temporary fix for discolouration and calls for upkeep or “touch-ups” for a lasting look.

What causes tooth discoloration? 

Various factors might cause someone’s teeth to stain or begin to appear discolored. When it comes to treating some of those causes, dentists’ offer professional teeth whitening services, while other cases can necessitate more extensive tooth restoration procedures, such as root canals and crowns. If you know why your teeth look the way they do, you can decide if same-day whitening is the best cosmetic procedure for you.

Age: The shade of your teeth directly relates to your age. Teeth darken with time as a result of wear and tear and stain buildup. Teenagers will probably notice dramatic, immediate results from whitening. As the teeth start to take on a yellow tint in their twenties, whitening may be more difficult. By the forties, the yellow turns to brown, necessitating possibly more upkeep. By the age of fifty, the teeth have accumulated a variety of persistent stains that can be challenging (but not impossible) to remove.

Starting color: Our teeth all start out with a natural shade that ranges from yellow-brown to greenish-grey and deepens throughout time. Green-grey often responds to bleaching less favorably than yellow-brown.

Translucency and thinness: These are inherited characteristics that also worsen with age. All teeth exhibit some degree of translucency, however teeth that are thick and opaque appear lighter in color, sparkle more, and are more amenable to bleaching. Less of the pigment needed for bleaching is present in teeth that are thinner and more translucent, particularly the front teeth. Dentists that specialize in cosmetic dentistry claim that the only ailment that is unaffected by tooth whitening is transparency.

Eating habits: Regularly drinking red wine, coffee, tea, cola, oranges, carrots, and other brightly colored beverages and meals results in significant stains over time. Acidic meals like citrus fruits and vinegar can lead to the degradation of enamel. The surface becomes more transparent as a result, allowing more of the yellow dentin to be seen.

What are your whitening options? 

At our dental office in Tigard, we carry two options, both of which rely on varying concentrations of peroxide and varying application times.

In-Office Whitening: The main advantage of in-office whitening is the noticeable color change that occurs more rapidly. In accordance with this approach, a paint-on rubber dam is used to protect the gums before a dentist or other skilled technician applies a rather high concentration peroxide gel to the teeth. The peroxide often stays on the teeth for many intervals of 15 to 20 minutes, totaling one hour (at most). Those with especially difficult stains may be urged to continue using a home-use device or suggested to come back for one or more further bleaching sessions.

Cost: At our dental office in Tigard, we offer a bundle of two sessions of in-office whitening for $600. 

Professionally Custom Fit Trays: With the added convenience of home whitening, this potent solution can help you achieve the same brightness as in-office results, it just takes more time to see the results. You must see your dentist to get an impression so that you can have custom whitening trays. This is used to make personalized trays that fit your teeth perfectly. To gently whiten your teeth, apply the whitening gel to your custom trays, and depending on the strength of the whitening gel, wear them for 30 minutes, up to two hours. Custom whitening trays allow you to use a higher strength whitening gel compared to over the counter whitening strips. This results in quicker, longer lasting results. 

Cost: At our dental office in Tigard, we can make custom whitening trays for your smile for $150. 

Does Insurance cover professional teeth whitening costs? 

No, dental insurance does not cover teeth whitening costs. You will need to pay for it out of pocket because it’s an elective cosmetic procedure. But it’s one of the least expensive ways to receive a same-day smile enhancement, and a nice confidence boost.

Teeth whitening in Tigard

If you are unsure about which teeth whitening option is best for you, make an appointment at our dental office in Tigard and we can walk you through all your questions and concerns!

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