A guide to Botox units

There are many factors to how many Botox units injections are needed for each part of your face. There is no one-size fits all when it comes to injecting Botox units. This guide will go over what units are, how many units are typically needed for each area, average cost, and outlining different needs.

What are Botox units? 

Botox units are based on the fixed number of botulinum (active Botox ingredient) molecules. Every unit measures the biological strength of Botox, as in how well each unit can relax the muscle it’s targeting. Botox typically comes in 50 to 100 unit vials. 

How many units are needed for each section?

Botox has an array of applications and can be used for areas like the forehead lines, eyebrow lift, nasal lines, masseters, temples, cheeks, smile lines, dimpled chins, etc. However, one of the most popular application sites is the forehead. The amount needed for each area will depend on the strength of the muscles that we’re injecting.


Although each patient receives an individualized treatment plan, there are still basic suggestions. The first is the location of injections and on the forehead there are five main injection sites. There are two directly beneath the hairline, two over the temples, and one in the center of the forehead. The total number of units will vary, but typically will be 10-20 units. 

Between the eyebrows

Another popular site are the glabella lines, or the lines between the eyes often called elevens, or frown lines. Each person’s treatment plan will vary, but a basic Botox treatment plan will follow similar guidelines. The manufacturer of Botox recommends injecting in five spots along the upper brow and between the eyebrows. The manufacturer suggests up to five units per injection, averaging around 25 units total.

Crow lines

The fragile skin around your eyes should not be exposed to excessive amounts of neurotoxin, but your injector may need to take a more aggressive approach due to the deep creases and wrinkles. Finding the ideal dosage of Botox to administer at the corners of the eyes is crucial because it’s a challenging balance to achieve. In order to ensure that you safely receive the desired outcomes, your injector may recommend some trial treatments at lesser doses.

Each person’s Botox treatment plan for crow’s feet will vary slightly, but a typical course of action might include anywhere from 10-30 units along six injection sites. These injection sites are the outer corners of the eyes, below and above the eye, and midway between the two.


If you clench or grind your teeth, or have pain with your jaw joint, you likely will benefit from Botox injections into the masseters. The masseters are the most powerful facial muscles, and typically need 15-30 units per side, for a total of 30-60 units. Typically it is just one injection on each side, making it a quick and painless procedure that can have a dramatic impact at reducing your clenching, grinding, and joint pain.

Average cost

Now that you know what a unit is and around how many units you’ll need for each section, it’s time to determine cost. At our dental office in Tigard, a single Botox unit is $12. As mentioned above, the forehead typically needs around 20 units so the cost will vary around $240. The glabella lines, or the lines between the eyes, will range around $300 since it is typically 25 units total. Botox treatment for TMJ will start at $360, and may be more expensive depending on the strength of your muscles. 

Keep in mind, your Botox results typically last about 3 months. If you like your results from your Botox injections, you need to have them done every 3-4 months to maintain the effects. When planning your budget for Botox, make sure you’re calculating the 3 or 4 visits per year you will need with your injector.

Individual treatment

Botox is a medication, and therefore it has a recommended dosage that has to be determined by a medical professional. Each patient is unique and the number of Botox units required for each patient will vary depending on how large the muscles are, how strong they are, the position of the muscles, and other factors. The strength of the muscles in your face, especially the forehead will play a big role in determining how many units you will need. Some areas of the jaw will naturally have stronger muscles such as the jaw, and it will be difficult to determine on your own exactly how many units you will need. 

The Smile Lounge in Tigard for Botox

Our dental office in Tigard is fully equipped to handle your Botox needs and address any questions or concerns you may have. Dr. Henderson understands how to strategically apply the precise amount of Botox units that will result in the optimal results. Click here to learn more about Botox and then schedule a consultation!

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